Thursday, 19 February 2015

I want it like the picture!

Ever been to a salon and asked your stylist you'd like your hair like the picture, And when your done it don't really look like you expected!!

Well today Terri our salon guest wanted her hair like the picture! yep the picture!

So we put it to the test after Terri telling us whenever she's been to other salon's and showed a picture of what she wanted she never left the salon with her hair looking like she expected it to.

Terri's hair is very curly and frizzy and about a shade of medium brown with a lot of natural red coming through.

We only use Aveda's full spectrum colour in the salon so we went for a base of an 8 which is a light brown and we also used a blue mixture to help kill some of the red in the hair!

With the colour done we wanted to use our new Smooth infusion treatment masque which helps reduce frizz up to 50% and keeps hair smooth in intense humidity.

After 10 minutes the mask was washed off and then we begin our straight blow dry using smooth infusion naturally straight dry remedy oil.
almost done!  

 I've blow dried the hair straight and not used any hair straighteners on Terri's hair.Just the two styling products I mentioned.

We have achieved our "I WANT IT LIKE THE PICTURE"! a very happy guest.

The products we used from start to finish are all used at pure and retailed in Salon.

Naturally straight smooth infusion.

Straighten out curls with ease with Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight. Formulated with organic cassava root the serum helps to form a barrier against intense humidity to avoid frizz.

Dry remedy oil.
Daily moisturizing oil is a 99.9%* naturally derived, daily leave-in treatment that instantly moisturizes dry hair and ends by 41%** with buriti oil, leaving hair soft, supple and shiny.

Smooth infusion™ smoothing masque

  • Reduces frizzy volume by up to 50% after one use*.
  • Gives you smoother, softer hair.
  • Powered by botanicals- including certified organic cupaucu and shea butters.
  • Keeps hair smooth, even in intense humidity.

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