Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A few tips for expectant mothers.

A few tips for Mum & Mum to be.

If it’s coming up to the second or third trimester, many of you expectant mothers could be thinking about doing something a bit different with your hair to help flatter your new face shape, or the change in your hair.
What you need to avoid is a look that’s going to make your face shape look rounder. 

  I would recommend you avoid a short sharp bob going above the chin as this style can really enhance any roundness to the face that might be creeping in during your third trimester.  Try and stay a couple of inches below chin level.  I would also avoid short fringes, and try to keep a little bit of length on it or try a side fringe for a change. If it gets in your eyes you can use a small amount of gel or wax just to hold it in place.
If you are going to go for the shorter style, I would suggest soft lines and maybe a bit of a choppy style. Middle partings are a no no! Go for a side parting for a change this will help elongate the face shape and give a bit of height, some long layers will also help and a bit of length at around the shoulders could be a good idea.

Your hair texture could be changing so ask your stylist for advice on how to deal with your new curls if it was once straight, or straight limp hair which could be new to you. Don’t rush in just yet for a perm or a straightening treatment as this could all change back once baby is here.

The hair and scalp does change a lot you could also be dealing with dry hair and dry scalp when it was once greasy or vice versa! I’m going to give you some home remedies for you to try.  As Baby’s not here yet, you will hopefully have a bit of time on your hands, why not pamper yourself!  These are all ingredients you would have at home in your cupboard or fridge so no excuses.

To fight those flakes of an itchy scalp lemon juice and olive oil is a good mixture, the lemons acidity can help clear the scalp of any loose dry flakes, and the olive oil can help moistures the newly exposed skin.
Mix 2 tbsp of olive oil, 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice and 2 tbsp of water, double the mixture if you have long thick hair. Massage into the scalp and leave to sit for 20-30 minutes then shampoo out and condition. If you do feel your scalp is bad try this procedure every 2-3 days till it eases of a little.

Tip 2 is for frizzy hair which is something you can develop even if you didn’t have it before. I do like this one as it contains avocado as which is great for the skin and hair it’s oils are very light and moist which is similar to our natural skin and they are full of proteins and nutrients which is the best combination for smoothing and weighing down unruly hair.

Mash up half an avocado and massage into clean dump hair, leave it in for 20-30 minutes or if you really want to boost the treatment up and go for something a little stronger for your hair add a couple of table spoons of mayonnaise, try this every two weeks.
The last tip which is an easy one and will help with oily or greasy hair, you need corn flour for this one, pour 1 tbsp of corn flour into an empty salt or pepper shaker and shake it into your hair and scalp until it’s all gone, leave it on for 10minutes then use a paddle brush and completely remove from the hair.

That’s just a few tips for you to try at home all natural and all work.

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